Salsa with Us

Our salsa dance classes are open to anyone in any branch of service and their families. Both singles and couples are welcome - you do not need to have a partner to attend! No dance experience is necessary, as all of our classes start with the basics. Our goal is to give you some dance floor “survival skills” so that you can attend a night out at a local club, attend an upcoming dinner dance, or be ready for the next Ball.

In each of our locations, we have hand-selected experienced instructors who are not only familiar with the local dance scene in their particular city, but also came highly recommended based on their prior teaching experience.  During our one-hour classes, we will introduce basic patterns and build on them to give you some various spins, always moving at the pace of the individuals in the class. All steps can be modified, so if you are worried about a particular injury or complication, our teachers will adapt to suit your specific needs.

No matter what your skill level or background, you can learn to dance. Like any new activity, it takes time, practice, and patience to build your dancefloor skills. Give it a try and see how fun it can be!  





Everyone from dancers to graphic designers have something to offer their military veterans. Contact us to find out more about how you can volunteer your talent today!

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